Health Services

The Bensalem School District offers a variety of health-related services to school-age children free of charge through the auspices of the school nurse.  Among these services 


  1. emergency first aid, illness care,
  2. growth assessment (all students are weighed and measured annually),
  3. vision screening (all children are given a vision test every year),
  4. auditory or hearing testing (all children grades K through 4 and grades 7 & 11 are given an acuity test yearly), and
  5. scoliosis screening (all children in grades 6 and 7 are screened annually).

Parents are reminded that

  1. PHYSICAL EXAMS are required on entry into school (either kindergarten or first grade, and in 6th and 11th grade);
  2. Dental Exams are required on entry into school (either kindergarten or 1st grade, 3rd grade and again in 7th grade).

The school nurses encourage all parents to have these examinations performed by their personal physicians and dentists, and to return the test results (via the appropriate form) to the child’s home school no later than September 30th.

Cornwells Elementary

Cornwells Elementary

Cornwells Elementary School – The Cornwells Elementary School opened in April 1998, and is the newest school in the Bensalem School system. It replaced a very old building located on Bristol Pike. While the history of the new Cornwells has yet to be written, the story of the original building is rich and colorful. Here is a brief history of Cornwells at it’s original site.

CORNWELLS SCHOOL (Original Site) Six separate deeds in possession of the school district show that the Cornwells Heights grounds were acquired in six installments, under dates ranging from 1822 to 1937.

The total area of these tracts is something less than three acres. The original plot of 143 by 165 feet was deeded to a Board of Trustees in 1822 for a school building and community assembly place, for the sum of one dollar. The first one -room school, erected in 1823, was razed in favor of a two – room building in 1893. Although these two rooms have been modified, they remain part of the present structure as rooms 105 and 205. A third room, 107, was added in 1918, and a fourth, 207, in 1923. This four-room building housed the first Bensalem Township High School, founded in 1923, and two elementary groups. Samuel K. Faust was asked by the Board of Education in July 1923 to organize this first high school. Up to this time, the township had been obliged to send pupils of high school age to high school in nearby towns: Bristol, Langhorne, Jenkintown, and Frankford. Mr. Faust served as supervising principal and as the first superintendent of schools of Bensalem Township from 1923 until his death in 1940. The building continued to grow. In 1926, rooms 109 and 209 were added; in 1928, rooms 101 and 201 were added. In 1930, an auditorium-gymnasium, ten classrooms, service rooms, and several basement rooms were added at a cost of $104,655.42.

Four classrooms, two general purpose rooms, and several service rooms were constructed in 1949, and in 1954, the Cornwells Heights school building was completely renovated and made into an elementary school, at a cost of $220,000. It was known as Cornwells Heights Elementary School, at this address: 2400 Bristol Pike, Cornwells Heights, PA 19020. At the same time the Bensalem Township High School was reestablished at its new location, 2201 Street Road (Street Road and Asbury Avenue) Cornwell Heights. As a complete elementary school, the Cornwells building in 1954 housed 661 boys and girls and 20 teachers. There were three first grades, three second grades, three and one-half third grades, two and one-half fourth grades, two fifth grades, five sixth grades, and one remedial class. The school was re-dedicated on March 17, 1955. The building is no longer owned by the Bensalem School District, but continues to be used by the charter school that purchased it in 1998.


A temporary school house (asbestos type) was erected at the Cornwells school site in 1924. It was used for several years while the original building was undergoing changes and additions. The temporary building was sold in 1930 to Dowder Engineering Company for the sum of $250.