My new PROJECT : Teaching Spanish online for FREE

I know it has been a long time since my last post. I have been working on different projects and also on my blogs. I am very excited because we have just opened a new website. In this site we are going to teach Spanish in a very similar way to how we teach English at

I remember when I first opened InglesTotal I was unsure about how well it would be received by the Internet users. However, my vision was very clear: to teach English in a different way focusing on communicative activities and on the use of the structures and not only relying on grammar. Also, I wanted to reach my students in a different way. Not with boring lectures and useless explanations of grammar with absolutely no communicative use. The best way was by recording audios and putting them on the web for free. These classes are very particular because they are very energetic, entertaining and quite funny.


I mainly teach English but every now and then I have some Spanish classes. Teaching Spanish has improved how I teach English. I have come to understand more many reasons why students make mistakes and also have seen how grammar can be a liability if we do not focus on the communicative side. I then started searching on the web for free Spanish lessons and noticed they there are hardly any and if there are one or two these are very poor.

So after some months of brainstorming and deciding on what project to take on. I made a decision to open and to teach Spanish online absolutely for free following the same strategy used in InglesTotal.

I have just started so the website is with little content but I invite you to visit it and tell me what you think about this new project. Teaching is my passion and it is a great experience to share my knowledge to all you.